We bring you endless options to make your day picnics & over night camps

The so called 'educationists' in the early days believed that only through hard work and dedication could a student become successful in his or her life and they that the earlier they started, the better it was. Thankfully, people understood and realized that

“All work and no play made Jack a dull boy.”

While colleges can focus on the academics and co-curricular activities that aim to groom the young citizens of the nation into success stories, Just Picnics can add their bit to the lives of young minds will add a touch of zest that will spice up their daily routine with our experiential educational getaways. Our ensembles of thrilling rides are sure to add excitement to even the dreariest of days. While the career is giving you hard time and you are looking for a much needed break to relieve a bit of stress well you are at the right place.

Justpicnics , offers you innumerable and exciting offers for day picnics , one night stays and weekend getaways in dry parks, water parks , farms , lakes and adventure activities venues depending on what interests you at a price no one else can in and around Delhi.

"You name it we have it all for everyone who is a part of it ."

Not only this , we take full responsibility of the picnic activities and make sure everyone has fun but safety and hygiene is not compromised. We make sure that every picnic is an eco- adventure campaign on its own which is smoothened into the day while students are just having a good time.


A Venture of Ashex Tourism*
*Approved by Ministry of Tourism, Govt. of India